I have been an artist since childhood, having come by it honestly from my mother and grandfather. While I always had a camera, and practically grew up in my mother's darkroom, painting had been my primary form of expression and photography was something to do on vacations. That is, until a few years ago when I bought my first digital SLR. Now I find that photography is my passion. But not just any photography - I am driven to photograph people.

I have learned that my camera is a conduit for connections to be made between me and my subject. I love talking to the people I photograph: listening to their stories, hearing about where they work and live, and telling them about myself and what I am doing. With my camera, I open a door that I, an introvert, would not otherwise open. As this interaction develops, the camera disappears. At that moment I realize the potential for the connection between subject and photograph to transform into one between photograph and audience.